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Flow Chapters 40-43 and the end of Bapscans.

Posted by BAP SCANS
Monday, April 21, 2014
Hello everyone!
I'm sorry to say that I (Kista) have disbanded Bapscans.  Since I'm too lazy to fully explain things in detail... I'll summarize it a bit for you guys.  Basically I disliked how things were done while GainerFlash was admin. Because of that, I decided to take over being admin. When I did that quite a few vocal members were against it, so we had a heated debate that ended with me just disbanding the group because I disliked everyone... yeah.  Well since that's out of the way I shall tell you the status of all the series that Bapscans did...

Stuff We're going to pick up and release under Mangacow.
  • Flow
  • Black Haze: If Dazedtatertot would like me to not pick up this series I will.
  • Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo
Stuff I will not be picking up and reasons why!
  • The Gamer: The reason I won't be picking this up is because I think I ruined the group enough... I'll just not do this series and let the group the ex-members of Bapscans are forming do it...
  • Soul Land (Novel): There's no way I'm doing a novel.  If i were to ever do a novel I would do the Sword of the Emperor light novel.
  • Sakurada Reset: Cat, Ghost and Revolutionary Sunday: This was a shitty series...
  • What's There to Know: I never read this series before, so I can't really judge if I'd do it or not, so for now I'm not going to do it.
  • What Do the Teenage Boys Do: I hate gag comics.
  • Everything Else: To be honest I don't know what else Bapscans did so I'll assume this is all of it.
Well that is basically it for what is going to happen with the series Bapscans did.  As for what is going to happen with Bapscans as in this blogspot... I'm going to most likely release nothing under Bapscans so this will potentially be the last post on this site... Good bye guys, sorry that I killed the group :(.

Flow Chapter 40

Flow Chapter 41

Flow Chapter 42

Flow Chapter 43

The Gamer Ch.32

Posted by BAP SCANS
Thursday, April 17, 2014
Hello, dear Gamer fans.
We're very sorry about this week's (or actually last week's) slow release speed. I guess the only excuse there is would be that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. That added with too much irl things does not end in a pretty way (as the comments section and the chat has proven).
But hey, the good thing is that the next chapter will be released soon and the epic cliffhanger will receive an update faster. Or something. Anyway, we're sorry.

BAP is in need of Korean Translators. If you feel like you could help out, head over to the recruitment tab and send us an email :)

The Gamer Ch.32

Soul Land - Prologue

Posted by BAP SCANS
Monday, April 7, 2014
Hello, guys.
The novel project is finally getting released. Enjoy Soul Land!


Prologue: Tang’s 3rd Young Master’s Crossing Over
Translator: Rea          Proofreader: NoxInBox          Quality Checker: GainerFlash

In Ba-Shu, a land always renowned for its abundance, was the most famous sect, “Tang Sect.”

The sect was located in a mysterious place; most knew only that it was halfway up a mountain, but actually its exact location was on the top of the mountain which held a fearsome name: Hell’s Peak.

If you were to throw a rock from its cliff, you could count to 19 before you heard it hitting the bottom, showing how impressive its height was; and because that number exceeded the 18 floors of hell by one, it was given this name.

A young man in grey clothes stood on the top of it, his body unfazed by the strong mountain wind. On his chest, a big “Tang” character stood out. He came from Tang Sect and his grey outfit ranked him as a branch school’s disciple.

He was 29 years old; he had joined Tang Sect soon after he was born, and in terms of seniority, he ranked 3rd amongst the branch school’s disciples. Therefore, they had given him the nickname of “3rd young master.” To the core school’s disciples, it naturally became “Tang San.”

Tang Sect had been divided into two ever since it was established: the core and the branch schools. The branch school consisted of disciples who adopted the “Tang” surname, while descendants of Tang’s original lineage joined the core school through birthright.

Currently, Tang San displayed a great variety of facial expressions: sometimes it was laughter, sometimes crying, but no matter what, he was utterly unable to hide the excitement overflowing from his heart.

It had already been 29 years since the branch school’s leader, Elder Tang Blue, had first taken him in as an infant. Tang Sect was his home, and its secret weapon was everything to him.
Tang San’s face suddenly paled, but soon after, his expression relaxed. He mumbled to himself, with a tinge of bitterness: “What was set in stone is happening after all.”

17 white shadows, like flecks of light, leapt out collectively and moved from halfway up the mountain towards him. Out of the men these figures belonged to, none was younger than 50, and every single one of them looked dignified; they donned white robes, indicating them as part of the core school. Adorned on their chests was a golden “Tang” character, the Tang Sect leaders’ symbol.
There were 17 members in the core school’s board of leaders, and amongst them was Tang’s direct descendant, Elder Tang Da; the ones now climbing were exactly those 17 people. Not even the Martial Arts General Assembly was able to alarm Tang Sect enough to force every leader into action; it was known that the eldest of them had already exceeded the age of 120 and all of them, as a result of their training, had reached the pinnacle of martial arts.

In the blink of an eye, they had already reached the summit. Whenever a branch school’s disciple met a core school’s leader, it was required to kneel as a greeting, but this time, Tang San did not move; he just looked calmly at their dignified and imposing expressions. They stood before him, blocking every way out; yet, behind him was Hell’s Peak.  

Laying down three Tang Lotus of Buddha's anger, Tang San cast towards them one last reluctant look, almost regretting letting them go. Then, the corner of his mouth revealed a hint of a satisfied smile. After all, he had ultimately succeeded. After striving for 20 years, he had finally completed the best work among all Tang family branch school’s secret weapons; Mere words could not describe the pride he felt for his accomplishment.

At this sight, Tang San thought that nothing was important to him anymore; regardless of whether it was breaking the rules of the sect or a matter of life and death, it was all pointless. He gazed at these three blooming Tang Lotus as if they represented the end of a phase. However, at this point, what else could excite Tang San after devoting his whole life to create, with his own two hands, the world’s strongest secret weapon: Tang Lotus of Buddha's anger?

“I’m aware that sneaking into the core school and secretly learning the top-secret techniques is an unforgivable crime, forbidden by the sect’s rules. However, I, Tang San, swear to Heaven that absolutely no word of what I’ve learned of this sect’s secrets will be leaked to the outside. I say this, not in the hope of earning your forgiveness, but I simply wanted to let you know that I would never forget my own roots, neither in the past nor in the future.”

Tang San’s mind was calm, calm as it had never been before. Just glancing at the sect’s large antique courtyard on the mountainside and breathing in its particular air had made his eyes moist. Ever since he had gained awareness, it could be said that he was born for Tang Sect; and this time, after realizing his lifelong ambition, it was time to die for its sake.

None of the elders uttered a word; they hadn’t yet been able to recover from the shock of seeing the Tang Lotus of Buddha’s anger. 200 years, exactly 200 years had already passed, and Tang Lotus of Buddha's anger had unexpectedly appeared once again at the hands of a branch school’s disciple. What could that mean? It was unmatched under Heaven, and even the sect’s own people couldn’t ward off the feeling that this ultimate secret weapon represented the arrival of yet another golden age for the Tang Sect.

Facing the silent leaders who were looking downwards, Tang San laughed clearly and brightly: “Everything I have was given by Tang Sect. Be it my life, or every ability I possess, all of it was granted by the sect, and no matter how much time passes, I will be part of Tang Sect, even after death. I’m aware that you won’t allow my dead body, a traitor’s body, to be left in Tang Sect. That being the case, let it become part of Ba-Shu’s nature.”

Tang San’s somewhat calm, yet slightly excited voice finally made them snap out of their shock. They raised their heads to look at him, only to see a layer of pristine white steam disperse rapidly from his body.

“Precious Records of Heaven's Mysteries, you even secretly mastered the most difficult inner strength technique included in the Precious Records of Heaven's Mysteries?” Elder Tang Da cried out involuntarily.

There was a sudden explosion in front of them and the leaders all stepped back at once to avoid any unexpected incidents; but what they saw next was Tang San’s naked body.

Tang San laughed, a bright smile on his face: “Naked I came, and naked I shall leave, the Tang Lotus of Buddha's anger will be my parting gift to the sect. Now, apart from my own body, I haven’t taken anything from Tang Sect. The restricted books are all under the first brick behind my room’s door. Now, I will return everything to Tang Sect.”

“Hahahaha…” Tang San looked up towards the sky, and he laughed like a madman. Suddenly, he took a step back towards the cliff. At that instance, the leaders surrounding him suddenly realized, to their dismay, that no one was able to stop him in time. Tang San, his whole body enveloped by white light, darted off towards Hell’s Peak fast as lightning; his tall and proud body soared high into the air, moving closer to the mountain amidst the clouds and mist.

“Wait,” Elder Tang Da finally managed to react. Alas, saying anything now amounted to nothing; it was all too late.

During periods of high humidity, the dense clouds and mist blocked off the sunlight, and this time, they also took away Tang San who had dedicated his entire being to Tang Sect and the secret weapon.

Time seemed to have stopped for a moment. Elder Tang Da’s hands trembled, and as he picked up the Tang Lotus, his eyes moistened. “Tang San, ah, Tang San, why did you have to do it? This surprise you brought us is too much, far too much...”

“Big brother,” the second leader stepped forward. “Why should you grieve for such a traitor?”

Tang Da’s gaze instantly turned cold and his whole body emitted a chilling air. He stared at the second leader. "Who is it you’re calling a traitor? Have you ever seen a traitor who, after obtaining Tang Sect’s greatest secrets, did not run away? Have you ever seen a traitor willing to die for his own beliefs? Have you ever seen someone who had a secret weapon powerful enough to slay any Tang Sect’s master, and yet decided to give it as a parting gift to Tang Sect? Tang San is no traitor. He is the most brilliant genius that this Tang Sect has seen for over 200 years.”

The second leader looked shocked. “But, he secretly learned the techniques…”

Tang Da suddenly interrupted him. “If you were also able to recreate the Tang Lotus of Buddha's anger, whatever you stole, I would not care. You were wrong, I was wrong. Back then, we actually stared blankly and watched Tang Sect’s chance to rise once more slip away before our eyes.”

Several leaders approached, their faces signed by a mix of emotions: confusion, sorrow, resignation. Still, above all was regret.

“None of you has to say anything, just pass down my orders. Order every disciple to start searching for Tang San at the base of Hell’s Peak. If he is alive, bring him to me, and if he is dead, I have to see his corpse. From now on, Tang San will be promoted to disciple of the core school, and he will be named my successor, should he live.”

“Yes, Head.” All the elders simultaneously bowed, showing that they would follow the orders.

Had Tang San still been under the cliff and been able to hear Elder Tang Da’s words, he would have known that his efforts hadn’t been in vain; even in death, he would have been overjoyed. If only everything had come in time...

Hell’s Peak. A rock thrown from its cliff would reach the bottom in 19 seconds; it was an existence that seemed to surpass even the 18 floors of hell. How could such a place allow anyone to be released from its clouds and mist, and to return safely? Tang San was gone; he had left this world forever, yet it seemed that another fate awaited him.

Translator’s notes:
  1. Hell’s Peak: Literally, it means something that would make even ghosts wary on sight. The English name was named after the “18 floors of hell” reference.
  2. Tan San: Literally, Tang the Third or Tang III.
  3. Core/branch school: Here, think of this as of something similar to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Literally, it is translated as inner and outer gate which are doors leading to different places or buildings. However, since it referred to disciples, I translated it as schools of teachings; since the core school disciples had more access to restricted materials, they will thus learn different things.
  4. Elder Tang Blue: Literally, it is translated as blue.
  5. Elder Tang Da: Literally, he is the first, the Head.
  6. Tang Lotus of Buddha’s anger: It is some lotus-shaped object.
  7. Precious Records of Heaven's Mysteries: This is actually a real book about martial arts techniques.

The Gamer Ch.31

Posted by BAP SCANS
Chapter 31 is here. To celebrate this occasion, and my first post on behalf of BAP, here are some cookies.

As usual, we're still in need of Korean translators, and would love to receive applications from anyone who can speak Korean.

- The Kookie Monster

The Gamer ch.31

Black Haze Ch.46

Posted by BAP SCANS
Friday, April 4, 2014
The first stage of the reorganization is done, so the release speed should be picking up now.
Enjoy this week's Black Haze, full of stuff and things.

We're in need of Korean translators. If you feel like you could help us out, shoot us an email over at :)

Black Haze Ch.46

Black Haze Ch.45

Posted by BAP SCANS
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Black haze is now available for reading. Enjoy.

We're in need of Korean translators. If you think you can help out, send an email to :)

Black Haze Ch.45

Ultimate Legend Ch.33

Posted by BAP SCANS
We're still rolling out the internal changes, so the chapter is late. Sowwy :/

We're in need of Korean translators. If you can help us out, send an email to :)

Ultimate Legend Ch.33

The Gamer Ch.31

Posted by BAP SCANS
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Hello, dear Gamer fans. We were just as surprised as you - a new chapter in the middle of the week.
The story is progressing in a very interesting kind of way I have to say. We still don't know whether chapter 32 will be released as it usually is or if the author simply moved the release.
Anyway, enjoy Gamer :D

We're still in need of Korean translators. If you think you can help us out, shoot an email to us over at :)

The Gamer Ch.31

The Gamer Ch.30

Posted by BAP SCANS
Monday, March 31, 2014
The releases this week (more like last week) have been struggling due to the reorganizing of more or less the entire process of the scanlation. These changes will be having impact on the release speed for a week or two, but will after that time significantly speed up all the releases (we hope). Please bear with us until then. We'll be giving it our all to still release chapters as fast as possible while rolling out the changes though. And yes, this is copypasted from the Flow release :P

We're in need of Korean translators. If you feel like you can help us out, send an email to and we'll get back to you :)

The Gamer Ch.30

FLOW Ch.39

Posted by BAP SCANS
The releases this week (more like last week) have been struggling due to the reorganizing of more or less the entire process of the scanlation. These changes will be having impact on the release speed for a week or two, but will after that time significantly speed up all the releases (we hope). Please bear with us until then. We'll be giving it our all to still release chapters as fast as possible while rolling out the changes though.
Oh, and enjoy Flow ^^

We're in need of Korean translators. If you feel like you're able to help, send us an email at :)

FLOW Ch.39

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